Ten Things I'm Doing This Summer

1. Writing the third (and final) book in the Atlanteans series!
2. Growing Tomatoes!

3. Watching Season 5 of Dr. Who!

4. Planning my next middle grade novel, a sci-fi!
5. Camping in the Cascades.
6. Doing final edits on next year's contemporary YA: EXILE.
7. Playing miniature golf. For keeps.
8. Eating gobs of kale.

9. Going to as many summer movies as I can, usually on Tuesday nights when the popcorn is $2!
10. Starting Game of Thrones.

What are YOU up to this summer?


  1. I'm also catching up on Doctor Who and GoT! I'm planning on reading GoT and starting the TV Series. I can't wait for the last Atlanteans book!!
    -Scott Reads It!

  2. I think I will rewatch DW because I miss it! I'm planning to do loads of reading and catching up on shows I missed during school.

    Here's a toast to freedom!

  3. Reading! :) When is the 3rd Atlanteans book set to release??? I just finished #2 last night and I can't wait for #3!!!!


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