Hi! Wow, it's been awhile. A lot has happened since the third Chronicle of the Dark Star book came out in 2019, as well as the two original books I wrote for the Lost In Space Netflix series last year. BUT I HAVE BEEN WRITING! And I'm nearly finished with my next book, which will be out in 2022 (date TBD). Since you might have some questions, here is what I know:

1. What is this book called? The working title is DRIFTERS. The second place title is THE DRIFT. I think we are going to go with Drifters. 

2. Is there a cover yet? I have seen the designs for the cover, and it RULES! But I can't share them yet.

3. Is this the fourth book in the Chronicle of the Dark Star? Ahem, not exactly, BUT, for the keen-eyed reader of that series, there will be many Easter eggs for you to find in Drifters, as it takes place in the same universe, but on Earth. You might even see some familiar names and sights, and learn something about a certain something's origins. ;)

4. What is this book about? On the lonely coast of Washington State, in our current time, a girl named Jovie is searching for her best friend, who has gone missing. There are no leads, and no breaks in the case...until Jovie and her friends Sylvan and Mason discover that her friend has been literally forgotten about by everyone in town. As they dig further into this strange phenomenon, they discover that something much larger, much more dangerous, and dare I say, cosmic, may be happening in their little town, and may have been happening for a long, long time. There is an account of a shipwreck in the 1800's, a mysterious spyglass with otherworldly powers, an abandoned nuclear plant that may not be abandoned, an empty seat at school that isn't really empty, a fearful description of a "shadow on the stars"... and oh so much more.  

So yeah! I am very excited. I wish this book was already finished and on a bookshelf, but I'm getting there. More updates soon!


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