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The EXILE Soundtrack is here!

Three original songs that appear in the novel Exile, now as real songs!  This winter, I got together with my bandmates Jon and Ethan, and our good friend Hannah, and we brought to life three songs from the novel EXILE ( April 29) . For each song, we imagined what the characters in the book might play, and what sound they'd go for. 'On My Sleeve' and 'Catch Me' are by the high school band in the book, Dangerheart . 'Exile' is by Caleb's father, Eli, who died in 1998.  If you like the songs, check out the book! And if you'd like to support this and future music, consider buying the songs from BandCamp, iTunes, Amazon, or anywhere else you purchase digital music. Thanks!       bandcamp       amazon <a href="">Exile Soundtrack Vol. 1 by Kevin Emerson</a>

Coming April 29: EXILE

It's almost here! EXILE! The rock and roll road trip begins April 29! “A captivating road trip of the heart.” Susane Colasanti, Bestselling Author of When It Happens “This engaging read steeped in music, romance and mystery opens a promising trilogy.” -Kirkus Reviews “Emerson’s seasoned music references and deep knowledge of the business (including its slimy side) will draw readers in, but it’s the emerging conspiracy theories that give the book its edge-and provide the perfect setup for the sequel.” -Publishers Weekly "A standing ovation for EXILE! Kevin Emerson rocks out a story filled with twists and turns, harmony and heart, mystery and emotional mayhem. I can't wait for his encore." - Elizabeth Eulberg, author of Revenge of the Girl with the Great Personality Get it anywhere, or for easy pre-ordering, go HERE !