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  1. well i know you don't know me but i went to cavalcade and i met you i was really shy but i did get you to sign for me ay names angelea or well just angel i love to be called that instead of everyone calling me angela i havent read your lost code books yet but i plan on it im 13 years old turning 14 in 6 days on the 4th of April i hope you can come next year this time i will talk to you well maybe anyway i really should go and i hope you keep on making good books ;) -angel

  2. When I was in sixth grade, Kevin did a book signing for "The Lost Code" at my school. I was hooked immediately.
    I'm now entering ninth grade, and I still really enjoy his books. I just wanted to say thank you so much.

  3. When I was in seventh grade, our class was in the library and we had to take out a book for the week. In the last few minutes of deciding I stumbled across "Oliver Nocturne: The Vampire's Photograph", picked it up and ran out, having no idea what the book was about. I fell instantly inlove with the books to the point of buying them online from America when the places at my bookstore in Australia didn't have them. The Oliver Nocturne series is what started my love for reading, every day I am thankful for stumbling along this gem and to you, Kevin Emerson, for providing it to me. I am now in grade 12 and I still recall every detail and use it to draw inspiration for my english exams. I have now read the series 4+ times and love it each and every time.

    Thank You Kevin Emerson so much

  4. I started reading the first Oliver Nocturne book in 4th, I'm now a junior and I cherish these books so much. Im going to reread them when I get the 6th book.

  5. Mr. Emerson,

    I just wanted to let you know I've just finished reading "Last Day on Mars" and enjoyed it very much. While it's intended for a younger audience, I'm 60 years old and a fan of some of the masters who are no longer with us, particularly Heinlein and Asimov. My favorite has always been Heinlein, whether it was part of his "juvenile" novels, "The Past through Tomorrow" compilation or later, more adult, novels.

    I found "Last Day on Mars" to be very comparable to "The Rolling Stones", "Tunnel in the Sky". "Citizen of the Galaxy", etc. and very much look forward to reading the rest of the series. Congratulations on your excellent work, hopefully there is a "Nebula" award waiting for you.


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