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I used to be a K-8 science teacher, and I have continued to teach writing in Seattle Public Schools (elementary, middle, and high school) through the Writers in the Schools program (though not this year due to book deadlines). 

I love talking about writing, stories, following your passions, even science! Over the years I've developed loads of writing exercises to improve skills, voice, and story ideas. In 2013, I presented them at the NCTE national conference. 

Below are some talks and workshops I've taught in the past, as well as some testimonials. My visits are always engaging and funny, and I've worked hard to tailor them to reach the students who don't normally write. 

I can adapt any workshop to the age of your choosing, from grades 3-12. And if you don't see what you're looking for, just ask me! Odds are, I've got something. 


Follow Your Passion: 
I use the framework of my own journey from avid writer and comic artist as a kid, to published author today. Along the way I struggled with discipline (and the bad grades to go with it), self-confidence, and isolation. This talk focuses on how you stick with your inspiration, and how you find the courage and support to follow your dreams, whether it be in the arts or sports or anything else.

5 Keys to a Perfect Story: 
from Character, to Plot, to Revision. I use personal experience from my own writing, as well as quotes from other artists, to present a fun, inspiring path to planning and creating your own fiction story.

Writing Science Fiction in 3 Steps
How do you create a science fiction story? I'll use Last Day on Mars as an example, as well as great works in the genre, to explore how you can build a great science fiction story.


coming soon....


Kevin was amazing!  His presentation style was very personal and he really drew the kids in. He had them laughing and involved from the first moment he started speaking and kept them captivated until the very end. His message of writing about what you know and including a piece of yourself in everything you do was an important one for the kids to hear.” -Melanie Zolnier, Franklin Middle School, Wheaton, IL

“Kevin’s presentation was hugely entertaining: funny, insightful, sad, thought-provoking, and energetic. In person, as in his novels, he is a gifted storyteller. He speaks to and from an adolescent perspective. He has a wide range of interests and makes them all appealing. The kids remained enthralled for a full 45 minutes.” -Kendra Friday, Librarian, Redmond Middle School, WA

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