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The Traveling Story: Part 5

Welcome to The Traveling Story Season 3! What is the Traveling Story? 5 Authors. 5 Days. 1 Story. Each season of The Traveling Story will feature 5 well-known authors collaborating on one original, kick-ass story! Follow the story as it’s revealed on each author’s blog over the course of a week! How Does it Work? There are only three rules for The Traveling Story: 1) No brainstorming, outlining, or discussion of plot ahead of time. The first author writes the first episode of ANY kind of story they want and the next author takes the story WHEREVER they want to go! The last author ends the story however they see fit! 2) An author cannot make changes to any previous episode. Each author has total creative control over their OWN episode only, but it has to continue where the last episode leaves off. 3) HAVE FUN! The Traveling Story is meant to be fun for the writers but especially for the readers! Season 3 Authors: Jessica Brody Marie Lu

Get Ready for the Story Crush Tour!

Here comes the Story Crush summer tour! Come say hi as we travel up the west coast, May 19-23! All the information you need is HERE !