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I've finished picking over 25 winners in my holiday book giveaway. I MAY HAVE PICKED YOU! Check the comments section of my original contest post and see if I replied to your entry. WINNERS, PLEASE EMAIL ME or find me on Facebook so I can mail you books! YAY!

Holiday book giveaway winners Day 3 and 4!

Announcing 5 more winners of my holiday book giveaway! You can find videos of me picking winners on my Facebook profile. Here are the winners so far from this blog. Please contact me on Facebook or by email (on my contact page) and I'll send your books! Winners: Shannon McCloud, Off2Europe2005, Jennifer Fountain, Kristina Schmidt, and Gailmac66

Holiday Giveaway Day 1 and 2 Winners!

Let's pick two winners a day for days one and two. Thanks for entering!


My Books -> Your Classroom or Library Every time I publish a book, I get a box of author copies. I give some to friends, give some to schools, use some as coasters, but ultimately, they all end up in my office closet. I think these books would be much happier in classrooms and libraries! So in the spirit of the season, I'm giving away one set of SIGNED BOOKS each day for the next twelve days. Want to win some free books? YES YOU DO. You can win just by commenting on this page, or on the posts on Facebook and Instagram. I will pick ONE WINNER PER DAY FOR TWELVE DAYS. You only have to enter once. I'll keep you in the drawing the whole time. OKAY READY? HERE'S WHAT TO DO: IF YOU ARE A TEACHER OR LIBRARIAN: leave a comment telling me which book set you want (book sets are listed below) and why. :) IF YOU ARE A STUDENT or the PARENT OF A STUDENT: Leave a comment telling me which book set you want for your class (or your students' class) and why, AND YES, YOU C