When Anthony's angst-ridden rock 'n' roll lyrics go viral, he's unwittingly cast as the school rebel. The truth is, he's not trying to be anyone's hero.

"Don't miss Kevin Emerson's Breakout, in which an angst-ridden teen boy must decide whether performing a provocative song with his rock group is worth risking school punishment. Free speech and the high school blues are critical parts of this can't-miss coming-of-age novel." -School Library Journal

"Emerson has written a funny, perceptive book about a kid who views life through the filter of his favorite WWII video game, Liberation Force 4.5 (“There is no secret tunnel out of eighth grade”), and is searching for his voice, both artistically and socially. For all his inability to make adults listen, Anthony is an honest narrator, and his battles with the Man, prediabetes, and the responsibilities of the spotlight will resonate with readers ready to break out of their own bunkers." - Booklist

"Emerson...captures the heady mixture of pride, vulnerability, amazement, and fear Anthony feels in having created something of personal significance that, once public, takes on a life of its own. Angst-ridden romantic undercurrents and well-drawn supporting characters enrich this satisfying coming-of-age story." -Publisher's Weekly

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  1. The book should stand up well in parental approval while still satisfying the reader fully. Recommended without qualification.


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